[wp-hackers] Child themes, and DB options

ravi ravi-lists at g8o.net
Fri Sep 18 02:28:31 UTC 2009

On Sep 17, 2009, at 7:55 PM, scribu wrote:
> Perhaps you could also correct the Codex page, so that other users  
> won't be
> mislead.

I moseyed on over to the Codex page to update it, but then I  
discovered at the bottom of the page, this apt NOTE in the "Including  
Any Template" section:


* TEMPLATEPATH is a reference to the absolute path to the current  
template directory (without the / at the end). For information on  
referencing URIs rather than including files, see Referencing Files  
 From a Template.

* STYLESHEETPATH should be used to include a file located within a  
child theme.


So, perhaps this Note should be generalised a bit and moved to its own  
section, so it applies to all mentions of TEMPLATEPATH? Apologies of  
Codex discussions should be done elsewhere... the Discussion page,  
duh! ;-)

Also, perhaps the user should be pointed to locate_template() rather  


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