[wp-hackers] Making Updates Friendlier?

Hacker Scot shacker at birdhouse.org
Wed Sep 9 14:56:11 UTC 2009

On Sep 9, 2009, at 5:00 AM, wp-hackers-request at lists.automattic.com  

> I also noticed on a download site for a application the other day  
> "Enter
> your email here and click Download to register for security-update
> emails".. Seemed like a good way of telling users that updates were
> available to me. (However, Wouldnt really fit WordPress i dont think,
> Feels too spammy, Better the blog doing it)

This is something the Drupal world gets right, IMO. Lots of security  
information consolidated here: http://drupal.org/security also  
available as RSS feeds and ALSO available as email. I subscribed to  
the emails for a while and was really impressed that they covered not  
just core but issues with 3rd party Drupal modules as well.  This kind  
of thing could have a huge security benefit for WP.


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