[wp-hackers] Making Updates Friendlier?

Davit Barbakadze jayarjo at gmail.com
Wed Sep 9 13:01:13 UTC 2009

I've self-witnessed real problems that really occured after upgrading
from 2.7.1 to 2.8. It included broken interface features all over the
backend and multitude of malfunctioning plugins. Owner of the blog -
regular user, being very far from IT in general,  was feeling stressed
and depressed all day long while reasons of malfunctioning were
tracked and corrected. I should say that it never resolved properly,
so the only solution to that problem was degrading back to 2.7.1.
Which we did together. But now, after all security issues, that is not
an alternative anymore.

That arises another question by the way. Why there shouldn't be a way
to easily patch 2.7.1 (on ordinary users level), since most part of
bug fixes are pretty compatible with it?

So I vote for "upgrade" categorization and more flexible upgrade
process (abillity to roll back easily for example).

Davit Barbakadze

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