[wp-hackers] 404 Pages displaying as blank

leon.ash at tawnylion.com leon.ash at tawnylion.com
Thu Sep 3 10:42:06 UTC 2009


I'm experiencing a strange problem I'm hoping someone here may have some 
suggestions on how to solve.

I started a thread here: http://wordpress.org/support/topic/305273 but 
haven't received any replies. To save me having to retype it all I'd 
appreciate it if you could look there for the details.

In summary I've got my first WordPress site up and running with rewrites 
working as expected for everything apart from one small, but annoying 

My 404 pages are all shown as 'blank' pages. If you look at the details 
I've confirmed this behaviour on a fresh install with no plugins. Pemalinks 
is set to /%postname%/, the site is hosted on IIS 6 and has Helicon's 
ISAPI_Rewrite installed.

I've inserted error_log statments into parse_query in classes.php and can 
confirm that the 'query' for 404 pages is 'name=error=404&page='. The 
headers of returned pages indicate a 404 Not Found code, but the pages are 
blank. This implies the rewriting is fine.

The last interesting thing is that I also added error_log statements into 
many of the theme files and the 'log entries' per invalid url request 
terminate in different components of the 'theme'. Details in post.

Any suggestions and help appreciated.

Thank you


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