[wp-hackers] Suggestion: option to backup database and files before upgrading WordPress

Xavier Borderie xavier at borderie.net
Thu Oct 29 15:22:44 UTC 2009

> Would such a "rollback" be a simple full-folder-restore + full-database-restore?

I don't know how simple it'd be, but yeah, at best it would create a
local backup of the database+files (or only the database
changes+changed files ?). One click and you're done.
Combined with the existing import/export tools, it would make a
top-notch backup function.

See how another great blogware is doing it:

> Come to think of it, if this rollback gets implemented in 3.0, you'll get to
> use it only from 3.0 onwards.

Which is to say, such tool would let you rollback to any version that
was installed since when the rollback tool was available.
So, if it makes it to 3.0, then it'd be 3.0 onward.

Xavier Borderie

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