[wp-hackers] Plugin License Excluding Spam

Chuck Peters cp at ccil.org
Fri Oct 23 12:00:34 UTC 2009

We have been using a modified version of WP-Digest (1) for our newsletter
(2) and due to various issues I am in the process of rewriting the
newsletter code from scratch.  I have been thinking about creating a plugin,
but the last thing I need is our site getting associated with spamers.

I would prefer to use the GPL3, but I need some CYA against those spaming
criminals/jerks. Ignoring the issue of how effective a deterrent a software
license would be to spamers, can I add restrictions against spaming
(including specific damages fees) to one of the GPL compatible licenses?

Which license would allow me to make the extra restrictions?

I don't think the GPL 2 or 3 would allow me to make these kind of
restrictions against spamers.  So if I can't restrict it from being used for
spam I am not likely to release it as a plugin.


1. WP-Digest is not really a plugin
http://birdhouse.org/software/2006/12/wp-digest/.  It runs via cron and uses
php and lynx to format the newsletter and sends out the posts via phpmailer.
 If no new posts are found it send out the past 3 posts...

2. We run wordpress and the modified WP-Digest and posts are used to create
a newsletter template which we manually edit and send to our site running
mailman.  No lynx, phpmailer or cron is used.  We also use procmail, php,
sed and bash to create a php page of the current newsletter.

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