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Thu Oct 22 15:53:55 UTC 2009

Nathan Rice said:

> It's my fault for starting this thread (sort of) on hackers.
> Apologies.

The CMS discussion had two aspects to it, one good, one bad.

The discussion directly regarding the *how* of a proposed "CMS" plugin was
extremely useful, not only for specific advice, but for all the support
people showed for it.  This appears to be something that a *lot* of people
want, and I will definitely work on this when I have some time.  That
discussion was *exactly* what wp-hackers is good for.

The bad side was the "is not/is too" regarding *why* someone would want
such a thing.  I allowed myself to be baited by it, and jumped right into
that fray, and I should not have done so.  Others are free to think it's a
useless idea, and they are free to not use it when it's released.  And
that's the last I will say of it here.

So I too offer an apology.  I'm sorry for helping perpetuate the "why"
discussion.  It served little purpose and went on too long.  I'll try to
avoid the useless discussions in the future.

I would also like to say thank you to everyone who offered advice, and
everyone who showed support for the idea.  In comparison to the deafening
silence that has accompanied some of my other ideas, it's encouraging to
say the least.  I'm sure I'll be popping up again to ask about how to
accomplish certain things.  Some of the ideas (and code!) presented were
*very* useful, and probably better than the ways I may have tried to do
things on my own.

And with that said, this is the last I hope to say of it until I've
written some code. ;-)


Stephen Rider

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