[wp-hackers] Taxnomy Q: All categories (posts>0) with posts in term X of another taxonomy

Dion Hulse (dd32) wordpress at dd32.id.au
Thu Oct 22 10:23:21 UTC 2009

Hi All,
I'm looking for a function which I'm pretty sure isnt offered by  
WordPress's Taxonomy system, Yet it seems to be something a few people  
might need.. So i'm putting a call out to see if anyone has any ideas?  
(ie. pre-written code they'd like to share..)

What i'm basically wanting, Is to find out the list of categories with  
posts > 0 which exist in term X of another taxonomy..

An example, Would be, Find all categories with more than 0 posts which are  
contained within the tag 'SomeTag'

I'm certain theres a easy SQL for this, But I dont really have the time to  
dive into it right now.. And caching would also be an issue (Given this is  
a list that'll be displayed on every page load, I'll probably just  
transient the results..)

Any thoughts or hints from anyone to save me some time?

Dion Hulse

e: contact at dd32.id.au
w: http://dd32.id.au
WordPressQI: http://wordpressqi.com/

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