[wp-hackers] wordpress security

Mike Schinkel mikeschinkel at newclarity.net
Thu Oct 22 02:07:41 UTC 2009

On Oct 21, 2009, at 9:56 PM, Lynne Pope wrote:
> Can you imagine the outcry if WP forced an update that crashed a  
> site? There
> are loads of users who wouldn't have a clue what to do and those  
> that don't
> visit their site every day could end up losing search engine listings,
> visitors, and money.
> The simple answer is that WordPress *could* do auto updates, but thank
> heavens it doesn't.

It's really a shame when one group of people decide what's good for  
everyone else and then block those that want/need it.

WordPress could easily have an "Advanced Options" area that allowed  
auto-update be turned on with full warnings for those who know what  
they are doing.


-Mike Schinkel
WordPress Custom Plugins

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