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Mon Oct 19 17:11:36 UTC 2009

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<f38206c90910190752p6257046bk217941cabb21feed at mail.gmail.com>, Jeremi 
Bergman <jeremib at gmail.com> writes
>I would agree with this.  As an admin of multiple WP sites, I do not login
>to each admin panel unless needed to.
>Would be nice to get an email that said an update was available.

But then as an admin of multiple sites, you do not fit the supposed core 
target for such a feature, that being the average Jo user.

A feature such as email inform might be useful, but it'd have to be 
pretty customisable - e.g. the to address not necessarily being the 
"admin" user - and warn users that the feature is dependant on server 
email config being correct.

I also believe that the points made by others already in this thread, 
such as the aspect of creating reliance on such an email, are pretty 
valid and I could see it creating more support load in the forums than 
it solves.

On balance, I'd say that the demographic that ignore or who are bothered 
by the upgrade nag screen, would ignore or be bothered by an email, and 
that those who fall outside of this demographic would have either 
already upgraded based on the nag screen, or represent a small enough 
set that it's just feature bloat to stick it in core.

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