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Thomas Belknap dragonfly at dragonflyeye.net
Fri Oct 16 13:33:07 UTC 2009


I would say that right before your system went down, the PHP interpreter
borked and you got that output. I have never seen that happen with
WordPress, nor can I think of a way that it might.

I'll leave it to others more knowledgeable on the security in's and out's to
describe security in detail. But every piece of software has security issues
from time to time and WordPress is no different. WordPress is frequently
updated to patch these holes, but not everything is caught. That's
development for you.

But I doubt if anything as nuanced as this is what the tech was talking
about. I suspect, as a person whose done time on the phones, that the tech
was stumped and looking for an excuse to not blame his company.

On Fri, Oct 16, 2009 at 9:24 AM, Sharon Chambers <sharon at brewerradio.com>wrote:

> I had a site go down last night, and I think it’s a domain problem;
> however, when I was on tech support with my hosting provider last night, he
> mentioned more than once that Wordpress had some major security issues.
> I was just wondering if any of you could expound on any security issues of
> which you might be aware?  Of particular concern to me is the fact that
> right before it went down, my functions.php file had been truncated TO THE
> SCREEN.  In other words, the last 10-15 lines of my functions.php file were
> echoed to the screen (including <?php ?> tags!!), something I’ve NEVER seen
> happen before.
> Thanks for any advice.
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