[wp-hackers] Showing Global Latest Posts on WPMU

Vinicius Massuchetto viniciusandre at gmail.com
Wed Oct 14 21:06:02 UTC 2009

I found some solutions on the internet about selecting the latest post
to be shown on the home index of wpmu. Basically they loop the values
of wp_blogs table for each wp_#_posts, or even use RSS feeds of the
blogs for that.

The fact is that I also need to cross some values on wp_#_postmeta and
wp_#_options due to some plugins I developed, and the solution I found
was to select everything I wanted with table joins for each post
table, then output series of `unions` to $wpdb.

Except putting this job to feed a specific table or generate a RSS
feed, I want to know if there's a clever solution to select posts from
diferent blogs mainly because I'm worried if all these operations can
overload the server while working on a big wpmu database.

Vinícius Massuchetto

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