[wp-hackers] Getting involved with the 2.9 beta testing

Peter Westwood peter.westwood at ftwr.co.uk
Mon Oct 12 22:16:29 UTC 2009

As you may of may not have seen there is a new post on the dev blog on  
this very subject.

I won't repeat everything here but you can read it there - http://wordpress.org/development/2009/10/getting-involved-with-the-2-9-beta-testing/

The short summary is:

2.9 is getting close to beta as we put the final touches on the big  
features we hope to beta by the end of this month.

We need everyone's help to make sure that this is as bug free a  
release as is possible.

During the beta phase we will try and run one or more bug hunt  
sessions and we would love for as many of you as possible to get  

We hope to release 2.9 around the end of November / beginning of  

If you would like to discus things with us then please join us for our  
weekly meeting on IRC this Thursday 9PM UTC in #wordpress-dev on  

Agenda items can be raised here - http://wpdevel.wordpress.com/2009/10/09/suggest-agenda-items-for-oct-15th-dev-ch/


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