[wp-hackers] advice on custom field post-query

Sharon Chambers sharon at BrewerRadio.com
Mon Oct 12 18:40:00 UTC 2009

I was hoping to find some advice on how best to achieve what I’m trying to do…
I’ve got two custom fields:  _bec_beginning, _bec_expiration
I’m trying now to structure a query that will give me all posts for a date that is within the range of _bec_beginning to _bec_expiration.  What I’m trying is not working:
Where $date is, of course the date in question.
I’m not entirely sure it’s possible to query_posts in this fashion, using two custom fields, and I’m not confident that the meta_compare works quite right either.  
I suppose I could write some sql to achieve my goal and query the post table directly, but I would rather use Wordpress method to achieve.  Could use some advice.
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