[wp-hackers] 2.9-rare - pomo obsoletes gettext.php and streams.php - how-to re-write plugin

Evil ZEN Scientist ezs at evilzenscientist.com
Mon Oct 12 02:39:24 UTC 2009

Evening all, long time lurker and all that.

I'm testing 2.9 nightly builds - and in the last couple of days a plugin has
stopped working.

The cause is covered in http://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/10890

 We now use pomo to parse the translation files so we no longer need the
> php-gettest library
> We should remove it and announce it's not there.
> We need to remove wp-includes/gettext.php and wp-includes/streams.php
My question - how can I fix this no-longer-maintained plugin to use the new
functions?  (It's the old weather icon plugin)

Is there anything graceful that would work with 2.9 and also pre-2.9?



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