[wp-hackers] Submitting code to the WP project

Daniel R Stout danielrstout at gmail.com
Sat Oct 10 03:19:16 UTC 2009

Hi --

I was a long-time Movable Type user (2003-2009) and recently switched to 
WordPress. To make the transition smoother, I made some improvements to 
the MT importer in WordPress. My question is thus: what is the proper or 
best way to submit my code to the WordPress project? I'm familiar with 
SVN but am not familiar with the process for getting code submitted to 
WP. What would you recommend?

My code changes are all in the file /wp-admin/import/mt.php. I fixed 
three problems with the importer:

    1. Tags are ignored and not imported
    2. Line breaks are incorrectly processed for non-HTML entries
    3. Keywords are imported as a single string



Daniel R Stout
danielrstout at gmail.com

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