[wp-hackers] Prepend blog name in comment feed's title

Thomas Scholz info at toscho.de
Fri Oct 9 18:15:35 UTC 2009


I'm looking for a way to prepend my blog name to the title of comment  
feeds for single articles.

The template in WordPress (/wp-includes/feed-rss2-comments.php):

     if ( is_singular() )
         printf(ent2ncr(__('Comments on: %s')), get_the_title_rss());
     elseif ( is_search() )
         printf(ent2ncr(__('Comments for %s searching on %s')),  
get_bloginfo_rss( 'name' ), esc_attr($wp_query->query_vars['s']));
     printf(ent2ncr(__('Comments for %s')), get_bloginfo_rss( 'name' ) .  

As you can see, I'm able to add a filter to 'the_title_rss' and add the  
blog name as a suffix.

But how do I set the blog name in the first place? Any ideas?


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