[wp-hackers] Get most seen blogs on WPMU

Brad Williams brad at webdevstudios.com
Fri Oct 9 12:52:19 UTC 2009

Pretty sure there is no built-in page view tracking in WordPress or WPMU.  


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I've been looking for a WPMU mailing list. Let me know if this list is
not for this purpose.

I want to show the most seen blogs on WPMU home, and as I didn't find
any function that go through blogs by page view I was thinking about
putting a call to write on a table `wp_accesses` (or something) on
header.php of each theme available, so I can filter the most accessed
blogs by counting entries on this table.

Thought, if there's a more intelligent way of doing it I would be glad
in taking some advices about.

Vinícius Massuchetto
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