[wp-hackers] Help adding image rotators side-by-side

MarvinC marvinc at gmail.com
Thu Oct 8 11:29:58 UTC 2009

This may not qualify as a WP Hack but I wonder if someone can assist me with
a change I'd like to impliment in a WordPress theme? The name of the theme
is Greed and info on it can be found at the following link:


Support for the theme appears to dead so I'm scowering the net in search of
ways to do what is probably basic. What I'm trying to do is simply display
two image rotator systems side-by-side. One is called the Front Page
Scroller and the other one would be something like a slider or rotating
flash gallery that displays based on Post or Category ID's. I'm OK when it
comes to using tables and rows but what I can't figure out is how to display
items side by side using DIV statements and what verbiage to add to the
style sheet.
So where I'd add:

<table width="100%">

I'm searching for any tuts or direction that can possibly help me to figure
this out on my own therefore any responses from the list would be very
helpful and appreciated.
Also would anyone be able to recommend a sliding post or featured Post
type plugin that rotates?


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