[wp-hackers] looking for opinions on php5-only plugins

Sharon Chambers sharon at BrewerRadio.com
Wed Oct 7 14:05:00 UTC 2009

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* Are there any current numbers out there on PHP5 adoption rates, 
especially among the hosting providers for WordPress users? All the 
general php5 adoption rate numbers I found online are from years ago and 
are out of date. Having a sense of how many users I might be leaving in 
the cold will be the key factor in my decision.

IMHO, PHP5 would be the way to go.  I've developed dozens of websites in the past few years, all with PHP5 support, and have installed, written, and successfully used PHP5 plugins.  However, I'm not really sympathetic to users who refuse to upgrade, and have stopped supporting IE 6 in my own development for just such reasons.

I should note that I use GoDaddy almost exclusively for hosting, and they do still offer PHP4 installs, though I always use PHP5.

-that's my $.02

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