[wp-hackers] Custom page orders in edit pages menu?

Matthew Gerring mgerring at emrl.com
Mon Nov 30 23:27:13 UTC 2009

I've got kind of a sticky situation- I'm working on a site that has a  
bunch of custom taxonomies and metadata for pages (biographies, in  
this case) and my client wants to be able to sort the posts by the  
custom taxonomies or by custom fields in the backend. I found some  
code that will allow you to do that on the Edit Posts page, but not  
the Edit Pages page.

Here's the code: http://wordpress.pastebin.com/m24f51530

What changes would need to be made to allow this to work in the Pages  
edit screen? I looked for a pre_get_pages hook, but there apparently  
isn't one.

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