[wp-hackers] MU-compatbility with custom plugin tables?

Derek Hogue derek at amphibian.info
Mon Nov 30 22:02:01 UTC 2009

Hey all - recently I've been asked by several users to look into full
MU-compatibility for my plugin GigPress. The problem is, GigPress uses
4 custom database tables to hold its data.

So when it's installed, these tables are created with the current
database prefix (say, wp_').  But if the plugin is installed as a site-
wide plugin (in the 'mu-plugins' folder), when other users try to add
data, it doesn't fly (trying to insert into tables that don't exist,
like 'wp_2_gigpress_shows').

Does MU offer any sort of hook for site-wide-plugins to automatically
create these tables for each individual blog when it's created? Or are
plugins which use their own DB tables only compatible when put into
the 'plugins' folder in MU?

Any guidance here would be great!  Thanks,

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