[wp-hackers] no 'before' or 'after' parameters for wp_list_pages()?

Ghodmode ghodmode at ghodmode.com
Mon Nov 30 05:42:15 UTC 2009

I'm using both wp_list_bookmarks() and wp_list_pages() in my theme to
generate a horizontal menu bar in the header.  I prefer not to use HTML
lists (li) elements, so I use the 'before=' and 'after=' parameters for
my call to wp_list_bookmarks(), but there's no equivalent parameter for
the wp_list_pages() function.

I noticed that wp_list_bookmarks() gets 'before' and 'after' from
wp_parse_args(), but wp_list_pages() looks a bit more convoluted.

I'd like to have those two options available to wp_list_pages().  Does
anyone agree or disagree?

Thank you.


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