[wp-hackers] This was painful to read...

Thomas Belknap dragonfly at dragonflyeye.net
Sat Nov 28 13:27:51 UTC 2009

.... The irony is that you say "Wordpress is just a blog" and then criticize
Drupal for being too complex.  Wordpress could easily match Drupal's core
differentiator (custom post types) and not be as complex as Drupal....

Not criticizing at all. Drupal rocks at what it does. But it's not the kind
of thing that a person just wanting to publish their words on the Internet
would necessarily want to toy with. And what makes Drupal good - and I
personally think what makes WordPress good - is that Drupal is pure
abstraction and WordPress isn't. Drupal can be used to do any number of
different types of websites, with the caveat that it doesn't easily lend
itself to any specific type of website. It's for pros who have a decent
understanding of the core database concepts that drive web applications.
WordPress is superlative at publishing, but if you want to create a Torrent
site, you're probably not going to have much success. But you can get a
publishing house setup in fifteen minutes. Why mess with that?

Anything that increases WP's flexibility without compromising its ease of
use for the average pedestrian I would be fine with.

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