[wp-hackers] comments_number() function renames first parameter

Tim Schoffelman tim at silentgap.com
Tue Nov 24 22:21:39 UTC 2009

Hey Everyone,

Running into a interesting situation to which I can't find any documentation
in the codex on it.

I want to display the number of comments for each post using either the

<?php comments_number(__('comment',"blogname"), __('1 comment', "blogname"),
__('% comments', "blogname")); ?>

or the

<?php comments_popup_link(__('comment', "blogname"), __('1 comment',
"blogname"), __('% comments', "blogname")); ?>


The problem is that when the page is loading it displays "comment" (which I
want) if I have zero comments, but one of the last things that it does is
right before it's finished loading the page, "comment" changes to "Comments
(0)". It doesn't matter if I take out the localization either.

Also, I'm running WordPress MU 2.8.4a

Any thoughts?

Tim Schoffelman

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