[wp-hackers] WP as a CMS with a touch of Blogging

Jeremi Bergman jeremib at gmail.com
Fri Nov 20 01:38:43 UTC 2009

So I'm using WP mainly as a CMS, utilizing more of the pages functionality
than the blog posts.  I have created my page hierarchy and have a menu
automatically built off the top 2 levels of the pages using wp_list_pages.
I have a bit of a problem though.

Let's say my Page hierarchy is as so

   1. Item 1
   2. Item 2
      1. Item 2.1
      2. Item 2.2
      3. Item 2.3
   3. Item 3

The problem comes in when what I want menu item 2.1 to be is actually a link
a blog category.

So is there anyway to include blog posts in a page, or maybe just have that
redirect to the correct category of posts.


Jeremi Bergman
Sent from Knoxville, TN, United States

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