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Aaron Brazell emmensetech at gmail.com
Thu Nov 19 22:31:47 UTC 2009

Alright well if you want to pass me code (so I don't have to wait for WP to
actually implent it for something that it isn't used for in core), I'd be
much obliged. You grok this stuff better than I do (HTTP
protocols/headers/transport). :)

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On Thu, Nov 19, 2009 at 2:25 PM, Jacob Santos <wordpress at santosj.name>wrote:

> Actually, I think I can just add a method to WP_Http class for adding files
> with optional mime type parameter. Since the header code will be the same
> for the Streams transport, I'm thinking of just creating a new class which
> handles it for both. The cURL and HTTP Extension transports will use the
> built-in functionality, since it will be stable, less prone to bugs and
> won't require maintenance like the multipart class will in the future.
> I'm thinking this will require two to three hours of work with an hour of
> testing and maybe another hour for debugging. I'll have to make sure I
> devote the time Saturday, because this would be very useful for my own
> purposes. I've been trying to figure out how to do this myself and it
> actually doesn't seem to be difficult. I should of just looked at the
> standard.
> Jacob Santos
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