[wp-hackers] Plugin activation/deactivation and testing?

mark waterous mark at watero.us
Thu Nov 19 21:52:09 UTC 2009

> Long post.. But i'll fill you in:

I apologize for the long post, I just wanted to make sure I was being
thorough and explaining the reason behind questioning the Codex.

> The activation hook should be used to create tables/defaults if they
> are not already set. You may want to change your deactivation hook to ask
> for confirmation before removing all the data.. Alternativly, You can have
> a look at the plugin uninstall hooks which are run on plugin DELETE, So
> users can deactivate your plugin, yet keep the settings until they
> decide to delete it through the admin interface.

When asking for confirmation during the deactivation am I able to just halt
the process by outputting a form/HTML inside the deactivation hook, or would
I have to implement such a confirmation via Javascript or otherwise? 

I appreciate the information on how that process works. I believe I'm going
to have to rethink my whole upgrade schema to try and take advantage of this
fact while still accommodating those people who are hands on about it.

Mark Waterous
(mark at watero.us) 

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