[wp-hackers] Plugins and themes localization

Cátia Kitahara contato at catiakitahara.com.br
Thu Nov 19 13:08:34 UTC 2009

> Cátia, better handling of all aspects related to i18n is going into a
> project called GlotPress <http://glotpress.org>.

Scribu, as far as I know GlotPress is just a translation tool. I started
this subject at Polyglots list, but Zé suggested me this is the place to
have it.

I am not too sure of the benefits of listing which translations are
> available, as a specific section on the readme. Why? Because
> maintaining that information is just going to be another headache for
> plugin/theme authors, as the translations probably come in on a
> different cycle than the "normal" release cycle of the theme or
> plugin.

I see, Zé, but I don't think it's such a headache, the author just need to
list the localizations he/she is distributing with the package, if there are
localizations done after, they'll be added to the next release. Besides it's
not supposed to be mandatory, isn't it?

> I'd suggest simply indicating if it is internationalized or not, and
> on downloading you'd see which translations are available at that
> particular moment.

But the point of displaying these informations is to avoid the need of
downloanding the plugin/theme and to have these informations at hand.

> Maybe the information on which languages are
> available (at the time of that particular release) could simply be
> listed on the description section, as well as instructions for
> translators on where to send their language files, informally.

Or maybe on another section called "Localizations". At least for themes,
it's possible to search for the tag "translation ready".

We need to work towards a situation where the plugin developer does
> not need to get involved for translations to happen much like we have
> for the core of WordPress where the translation files are stored in
> separate svn and the translators have deployment tools available.

Peter, I don't know about plans for a plugin/themes localizations official
repository, and I don't know if that's the case.

Cátia Kitahara


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