[wp-hackers] A Humble Request

Russ Gilbert russgilbert at gmail.com
Wed Nov 18 21:39:37 UTC 2009

Greetings masters of all things Wordpress.


I almost hate to bug everyone with something so small, but it's something
that has begun to take up a fair amount of time.


On the "Edit Page" interface, underneath the "Page Order" field is text that
states "(We know this is a little janky, it'll be better in future


While I appreciate the acknowledgment of the jankiness and it never bothered
me working with WP on my personal sites, I now regularly set up Wordpress
sites for clients, many of whom I have talked into migrating from another
CMS.  The Order interface is in fact a little janky but it's also quite
functional, and to a client who is new to Wordpress it's a bit of a turn


I wouldn't mention it if I hadn't had to defend it to clients a couple of
times, to the point where I have begun suppressing it for new client sites I
roll out.


It occurs to me that I'm probably not the only one with this issue, and that
removing the text in the core would a) not have any functional impact
whatsoever and b) would aid in the shift from thinking of Wordpress as a
blogging platform to thinking of it as the world class CMS that it's rapidly


Obviously, a nicer interface for ordering pages would be nice too but given
the number of awesome plugins for page management out there, not a priority.


I have been playing with the 2.9 beta (loving the image editor guys!) and
hope this suggestion comes at a point where it might be acted on.  



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