[wp-hackers] Getting post_author to update with an autosave.

Mark Slade markandrewslade at gmail.com
Tue Nov 17 16:56:54 UTC 2009


I am trying to resolve an issue in my WPMU 2.8 installation causing a
page's original author to be carried over when it is autosaved by a
different author.

I have hooked into edit_page_form and am using it to spit out a hidden
input named "post_author_override" with a value of the current user's
ID.  In an autosave this is translated to "post_author" and survives all
the way to wp_create_post_autosave(), defined in

At this point _wp_post_revision_fields() is called, defined in
wp-includes/post.php, which removes the post_author field because it is
protected.  I can hook into the '_wp_post_revision_fields' filter and
add it, but it's hard-coded to be removed so this does me no good.

As a result, the autosave is created/updated without post_author being
changed, and autosaves are always attributed to the original author and
not the actual author.

I can fix this by directly editing _wp_post_revision_fields so that
post_author is not in the array of protected keys, but am concerned that
it was put there for a reason and this will cause something to break.

Can anyone lend some insight?  Is it by design that autosaves keep the
original author, and not the actual author?

Thank you,

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