[wp-hackers] custom Edit Pages screens

Steve Taylor steve at sltaylor.co.uk
Mon Nov 9 16:14:32 UTC 2009

> You could manually get all the child page IDs and put them as 'post__in'.

That works! Wasn't familiar with these under-the-hood paramters for a
query that aren't exposed by get_pages() etc.

Only problem left is the annoying bold "Parent Page: ..." markers that
are output. I've been trying in vain to hide them with CSS, but
selecting inner text but not child elements seems impossible. This is
the markup:

<strong><a title="Edit [page title]" href="[edit link]"
class="row-title">— — [page title]</a> | Parent Page: [parent

I tried:

table.page td.page-title strong { display: none; }
table.page td.page-title strong a { display: inline !important; }

But no luck. This kind of works:

table.page td.page-title strong { visibility: hidden; }
table.page td.page-title strong a { visibility: visible !important; }

But obviously there's random blank space everywhere.

Well, it probably would have taken less time by now to build my own
page from the ground up. Ah well! I have to leave this for now...
Thanks for the hints.


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