[wp-hackers] plugin compatability

elflop at googlemail.com elflop at googlemail.com
Thu Nov 5 09:31:34 UTC 2009

Sorry for sending this to the list, not sure where it should go.

The new plugin compatibility section on a plugin page. As suspected I have  
recently had someone mark mine as 'broken' with the latest version of WP.  
Luckily others have marked it as 'Works'. I knew that at some point this  
would happen, and feel that it isn't good for plugins authors.

There appears to be no way for a plugin author to see why someone marked it  
as broken, it could be for any reason - possibly not even connected with  
the plugin itself! A lot of queries I get are from people that don't  
understand WP let alone the use of plugins... I therefore feel the  
usefulness to be reduced and may even be harmful for some developers.

So I suggest it is either removed, or people are required to enter in a  
reason why it is broken and that the plugin author is given a chance to  
respond. As it stands a plugin could be marked as broken simply because  
someone doesn't like it!

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