[wp-hackers] Delete Plugin on SVN please

mark waterous mark at watero.us
Wed Nov 4 21:56:34 UTC 2009

> Just because a plugin has not been updated since 2007 does not
> necessarily mean that plugin doesn't work.
> In fact it is quite possible if the plugin was well coded and used the
> apis available correctly that it still works.

Agreed, but how often is this the case vs not?

Chances are much higher that a plugin which has not been updated for a few
years will either not take advantage of improvements to Wordpress, or
function properly. Though there are a few, so maybe once again this could
just be added a search filter. "Sort by last updated" would not only allow
people to look for more recent options should they like, but would allow
developers and die-hards the option to flip the results and see what was
done back in the day.

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