[wp-hackers] Delete Plugin on SVN please

Ken Newman Ken at adcSTUDIO.com
Wed Nov 4 19:57:59 UTC 2009

On 11/4/2009 5:56 AM, Frank Bueltge wrote:
> Yes, i have change the readme and copy the files in the folder tags
> for other people to use this.
> I think it is very hard for user to find a plugin for an keyword. I
> will not develop this plugin for next time.
I think this brings up a good point about the state of the repositories. 

"...the plugin all together isnt exactly in the open source model"

but I do think that all the abandoned and junk plugins are reducing the 
usability of the repositories. Perhaps we can clean it up with a new 
tag/filtering system? For example, anything explicitly abandoned can be 
marked and filtered out of most searches, but available for developers 
who may be interested in resurrection a particular project.

Also, we could filter out plugins and themes that are out-of-date, say 
compatible only up to 2.7 or whatever. The plus is it would encourage 
plugin devs to keep up with the latest version of WP; similarly, the 
minus is it would encourage other devs to just update the tag and not 
bother actually testing it, therefor by-passing the filter. I believe 
there are less of the latter than the former, but some consideration is 
probably due there.

Tangently related is security review of submitted plugins. Should there 
be some minimal cursory inspection of plugins to prevent malicious code 
being added to the repos? I don't know how the submission process works, 
so sorry if this is already done by someone, but if not, should someone 
be doing this? I certainly don't have enough info on this subject but 
would like to know more about its implications/considerations.

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