[wp-hackers] b-quote quicktag

Jeremy Visser jeremy at visser.name
Sun Nov 1 23:47:03 UTC 2009

Am I the only one that finds it really annoying that when you click the
b-quote quicktag button, it inserts


tags with several linebreaks around them and results in superfluous
linebreaks like it did then? (Okay, just kidding about the last part --
that was done for comedic effect.)

I can sort of understand where you're coming from -- <blockquote> is a
block-level tag, so if you're in the middle of typing a paragraph, and
then click "b-quote", it doesn't make sense to have a <blockquote>
starting in the middle of a paragraph.

But I think the behaviour is a carry-over from before we had TinyMCE. If
you cannot understand that <blockquote> is a block-level tag, then
you'll be using the TinyMCE editor for sure.

To be fair, <ul> and <ol> are block-level tags too, and yet they don't
have extraneous linebreaks wrapped around them.

What say you?

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