[wp-hackers] WPMU gets b*tch-slapped on DreamHost

Bernard D. Tremblay ab006 at chebucto.ns.ca
Sat May 30 01:41:16 GMT 2009

*Yes, this is probably the wrong list. But I couldn't think of a better place.*

I was surprised to see this in the Personal Server section of DreamHost's
(always humorous) newsletter:

And, if you want to use WordPress MU (Multi-User edition), we're going
to have to ask you do it on DreamHost PS .. it's just a CRAZY resource
hog and it looks like the most common thing people use it for is shady
search engine shenanigans anyway!

I happen to have installed MU on DreamHost. I haven't been asked to remove it,
but it's very idle ... little more than a place-holder at the moment ... and
I'm not going to rouse sleeping dogs by inquiring ... but in any case this
isn't positive ink.


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