[wp-hackers] Modifying Quick Edit

Brian Krausz brian at nerdlife.net
Mon May 25 02:56:07 GMT 2009

Hey guys,

I'm trying to add a field to the post & page quick edit pages, and I have
everything working fine except for one thing:

As far as I can tell, I have to use some custom JS to fill my inline edit
fields since there's no hook into the hidden divs that store post data.  I
can do this by hooking into a.editinline without a problem, but when the
post is saved and the row rebuild from AJAX, there's no way for me to know
when to add my event hook back to the new quickedit link (At least not until
jQuery is upgraded to 1.3 and I can use .live()).

The hack I'm using right now is to watch for the save button to be clicked
and then re-add the link at 1, 2, and 3 seconds, but that's really ugly and
I'd like to do something better.  Any ideas/hooks I'm missing?


P.S.-I'm on 2.7.1

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