[wp-hackers] Using XMLRPC

Jan Erik Moström lists at mostrom.pp.se
Sun May 24 09:23:24 GMT 2009


I'm trying to create a python script that create posts using 
XMLRPC, and it works ... mostly. As long as I don't try to set 
dateCreated I get a post created in WP but as soon as I set the 
date nothing happens. The most frustrating part is that I get an 
OK answer from WP with a new post id so it seem to work ... but 
apparently it doesn't.

So I must be doing something wrong.

My question is: how can I see what WP does when it receives the 
post? how can I see what goes wrong? I looked at the server logs 
but they don't indicate that something is wrong?

Jan Erik Moström, http://mostrom.eu

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