[wp-hackers] Is it possible to cache wp_query object?

technocraze technocraze at gmail.com
Thu May 14 09:15:00 GMT 2009


I was working on caching the posts permanently until it is updated or 
deleted and to use that cache for serving the requests.  In wordpress, 
whenever a page is requested, the wp_query() is called, and hence even 
caching of individual posts would not be useful.

I had an idea of caching the wp_query and wp objects , and using the 
init hook, restore it from cache for the subsequent requests.  I wanted 
to have your views on it, whether its feasible, or is there any other 
dependencies.  When i looked further, i find that the function wp() 
initialises ( $wp->init() ) the user details, which is different for 
each request.  Other than that, is there any other dynamic data stored 
in these two objects?


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