[wp-hackers] Hook in the quick edit screen?

Beau Lebens beau at dentedreality.com.au
Fri May 8 20:07:37 GMT 2009

> Is there an action hook in the quick post edit code that I could use to add
> a new form element to?  We can add meta-boxes to the edit post screen, but
> it would be nice if we could also add things to the quick edit form as well.

According to wp-admin/includes/dashboard.php::wp_dashboard_quick_press(),
there are no filters directly on that output.

That function is called by wp_add_dashboard_widget() which uses
add_meta_box(). It doesn't look like there are any filters on either
of those functions either, so it probably makes sense to figure out
where the best place for some filtering is and have that implemented.

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