[wp-hackers] Accessibility of WP back end (was: Is WP back end supposed to work without JavaScript?)

Lynne Pope lynne.pope at gmail.com
Sat May 2 01:31:24 GMT 2009

2009/5/2 Jeremy Clarke <jer at simianuprising.com>

> FWIW we have a blind author on our site and he does fine with WP and
> his screen reader. I'm sure there are some readers that can't handle
> it as well but his success implies that WP is at least good enough
> that someone can work it out.
> Interesting fact: he *prefers* tinymce. Apparently it's more
> accessible to his screen reader than the code view. (I know a lot of
> people like it these days, but that still seems counter-intuitive to
> me :P )

Could your blind user set up and manage his own WP though? Prior to
WordPress 2.7, disabled users who use assistive devices were able to install
& run their own sites. <2.7 was not accessible, but was more accessible than

During the survey on the new 2.7 UI this was mentioned by several people and
was loudly shouted down by those who loved the look of the UI. It was also
raised on wp-testers. It's not just the JavaScript/AJAX that makes the UI
unusable by many though (this also catches those people behind corporate
firewalls that block JavaScript) as the whole admin interface falls way
short of meeting WCAG.


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