[wp-hackers] MUlti-DB setup - An alternative approach that i handled.

technocraze technocraze at gmail.com
Tue Mar 31 08:54:32 GMT 2009


Recently, while upgradation of our wordpress code base, from nightly 
build (released in 2006) and i tried a different approach to implement 
multi-db setup.  We had around 10,000 blogs in the old setup, with more 
than 1 lakh tables

In the current setup, the table variables in $wpdb is initialised to 
tables along with prefix.  I hacked that part of code, and in turn 
initialised these variables, along with DB name.  By this in all 
queries, the DB name will also be included along with the table name. 

I used the migration script of mutli-db plugin to split the tables in to 
different databases  (16 nos).

After implementing these changes all blogs were accessible fine, and we 
sent this code base to our testing team, and no major issues were 
reported.  We made sure, that all SQL queries uses $wpdb variables for 
the table names. Now the code is in production and running smooth.  The 
1 lakh tables is now split to around 5000 - 6000 tables to 17 different 
DB's .

Wanted to know your views on it.


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