[wp-hackers] Security: New Password Protect Page Option

Eric Marden wp at xentek.net
Mon Mar 30 16:34:20 GMT 2009

>> It'd be great if there were an option to include child pages/posts  
>> of a
>> password protected page. That way the user can protect a whole area  
>> with
>> just the click of a mouse and the end-user only has to enter one  
>> password.

> Surely if this feature is requested by so many people, at least one  
> of them
> will be savvy enough to write and release a plugin for it.

Actually working on a plugin now that works like this (more or less).  
However its tied up with users paying for different levels of access.  
Its for a client, so I'm not sure it will exactly make it out as a  
release, but we'll see.

- Eric Marden

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