[wp-hackers] Hacked blogs

Peter van der Does peter at avirtualhome.com
Thu Mar 26 12:56:57 GMT 2009

On Thu, 26 Mar 2009 13:12:44 +0100
Joost de Valk <joost at yoast.com> wrote:

> Hey guys,
> I've been restoring 5 hacked blogs the last few days, all running
> 2.7.1 but spread over different hosts, can't find the hole yet that
> they're getting in through, but I'd thought I'd send out a warning to
> all of you that something seems to be wrong...
> Best,
> Joost
Do you have more info about the similarities of the blogs, like themes
and plugins?
Maybe even PHP, Webserver and MySQL versions?

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