[wp-hackers] [GSoC2009] Limits on the idea of implementing MPTT

Peter Westwood peter.westwood at ftwr.co.uk
Tue Mar 24 22:13:24 GMT 2009

On 24 Mar 2009, at 15:35, Diego Caro A. wrote:
> I thought about ideas in GSoC 2009, and I selected MPTT (Modified
> Pre-order Tree Transversal). I read about it (how to add nodes, delete
> nodes and retrieve nodes), but I have a small question: What are the
> limits on the idea?.

The limits are really where you want to set them.

But don't forget your proposal needs to be realistically achievable in  
the available time.

> I think to implement the idea, I have to write the code of the MPTT
> algorithm (for categories and pages), a code for list categories in
> templates, and make a utility to take advantage of this (on interface
> admin, i.e.: ajax interface to manage categories and pages).
> So... What do you think about "my limits" of the idea?
> Thanks ;)
> PS: Where are the emails of mentors?

The mentors don't want to really start email discussion at this point.

The best places for discussion are likely this list, the #wordpress- 
dev IRC channel or the feedback the mentors can give on your  
application once it has been made in the gsoc webapp.


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