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Sigit Dewanto sigitdewanto11 at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Mar 24 12:50:04 GMT 2009

@Alan J Castonguay

Thanks for your feedback. The differences between category template and my idea are:

1. In the category template, a post's theme will be determined by it's category. In my idea, an interface will related to many category, for example Web Programming interface will related to these categories: XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, JSP, AJAX, etc. (the relation between interface and category is one to many).

2. Every interface will have it's own feed.

3. The guests can still visit the blog as a whole. All posts will be displayed with theme that selected for interface Whole if a guest visit the blog as a whole. The guests can still visit every interface in the blog using subdomain or subdirectory, but they can also visit the blog as a whole by using main domain. In short, an interface is a subblog, which consists of posts within certain category/categories.

My idea can still be extended, therefore I'm expecting suggestions from all of you. By the way, Alan, do you know a plugin to do a category template?

Best regards,

Sigit Dewanto


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