[wp-hackers] GSoC Idea: Collaboratively editing a Post

Shashank Agrawal sayhitoshashank at gmail.com
Mon Mar 23 20:22:21 GMT 2009


    I am Shashank Agrawal, a Computer science student at IIIT-Hyderabad
(India). I am interested in working for WordPress through GSoC this year. I
want to discuss a project idea and have your feedback on it*.

Project: Add collaborative editing features for a blog-post.*******
*This will allow people to edit and read a shared blog-post working at
different places. People will be able to contribute to the same blog in the
same post.

A person will be able to create a blog-post in "shared mode" and invite
people with whom he wants to share it. The in-draft post can be read by
other users while being written by one*. *In between, the users can use
switches to indicate their willingness to write or give the writing
permission to others.

I have chalked out some of the details. Would like to discuss them here:

- The model can be either a p2p (the current author can decide whom to give
permissions to) or a master-slave (master giving the permission for writing
everytime) **or we can even include flags for both.* **

*- Other options might include who actually commits/saves the data, can
non-authors undo the changes, etc.

- What happens when one of the clients encounters some problems - do we keep
a temporary file on system? or do we **transfer the whole file again when
(and if) required.

- Can we include invitations/acceptance of files through mails or other
communication channels?

- How the network speed will affect the performance?

- Minute details like deleting the text at one end, etc.

I would like to have your comments on the idea.


Shashank Agrawal,
IRC nick: sabotage

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