[wp-hackers] GSoC 2009 : User Roles Project Idea

Jeremy Clarke jer at simianuprising.com
Thu Mar 19 17:53:02 GMT 2009

On Thu, Mar 19, 2009 at 1:19 PM, scribu <scribu at gmail.com> wrote:
> Role Manager already does all that pretty well.

While I'm very enthusiastic about roles (and have written several
patches that clean up the implementation of capabilities in WP) I have
to agree with this. I think that the kind of hardcore role/cap
management we're talking about really is the domain of plugins. Most
sites just don't have enough users to worry about it and as long as
there's a great plugin for it (i.e. Role Manager) its easy for those
who want to mess with it to do so.

If anything it would be great if someone would take over RM for the
guy who runs it now, as he doesn't seem to have a lot of time for it,
and put it up in Extend and stuff. I'd love a community around the
plugin, but so far I don't feel confident about committing to managing
it myself.

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