[wp-hackers] Re: Good practice for customizations to a theme?

Ian Stewart ian at themeshaper.com
Thu Mar 19 12:26:42 GMT 2009

The best thing to do is make a Child Theme of your base theme (in this case,
Thematic). You can use functions.php in your Child Theme template to filter
and hook into base theme functions and filters, and WordPress functions and

It's pretty easy to make a Child Theme (and especially easy to make a robust
one with Thematic). Here's a quick tutorial to get you started: <
http://op111.net/53>. Thematic includes a sample Child Theme that you can
copy into wp-content/themes.

For more advanced edits with Thematic check out the ThemeShaper forums <
http://themeshaper.com/forums/> or the Thematic Code Snippets project <

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> So I'm plowing away at my first WP-setup for "real" a client. (one
> that actually pays me). I'm putting all the customizations in a plugin
> so as to make them more future proof then plain hacking to the
> WP-core. This way it's easier for the client to take the plugin code
> and hand it to another developer if the get tired of me.
> But what do I do about customizations to the theme? I'm using Thematic
> as a starting point. Right now my strategy is to just copy the
> thematic code to a different directory and hack away at it. This won't
> be any good at all when the next version of thematic comes along and I
> have to merge my revisions and those of the Thematic core.
> What do other folks do?
> alex
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> http://pipedreams.polite.se/about/
Ian Stewart


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